Meet The Diagnostic Staff

Michael Kapernaros

Lead Mathematics Coordinator & Co-Director of Operations

Mike is a graduate from Macalester College. He took math classes at Wesleyan University when he was in elementary school. He was ranked 15th in the nation in math in the tenth grade. Despite having more math in his little pinky that most people have in their entire beings, Mike was a down-to-earth football player in college, who also happens to be a champion scrabble player with a terrific sense of humor. He has worked with us – as Zac Rosensohn has – to help us provide the easiest and most straightforward forms of instruction for high school students. He has come up with alternative ways to solve problems that many students immediately grasp. He has helped us to develop curriculum, spot quizzes, and math assessments to determine if students learned enough Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II in school to do well on the SAT. Mike was originally a student here (he taught us a lot) and has worked with us for over three years. When Mike speaks, we listen.

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