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How To Purchase & Take The SAT/ACT Diagnostic

Slide Log In or create an account to get started. You can purchase the exam now or after you have created your account. Once purchased, the test can be taken:


If you plan to take the test on paper, you can print a physical copy of the test using the "Download PDF" link above the first section.


Once you finish taking the exam, you can access you results immediately.

Pinpoints the topics and concepts that need attention.


When you begin a section, select whether you want to take the exam Online or use an online bubble sheet to record your answers from your printed Paper exam.
Sign Up Purchase the SAT/ACT Diagnostic Take Online or Use Bubblesheet Online Bubblesheet


If you take the test On Paper and use the online bubblehseet you will be responsible for timing each section. (Directions in PDF)

We recommend recording all of your answers on paper and transcribing your answers after you have completed the exam.


Taking the test Online will provide you with a timed environment to take your test. We recommend using the Chrome browser.
*Detailed proctoring instructions and in-depth directions are included in the PDF. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

More Than Just a Test

Our Best Selling Diagnostic Exam

8 sections of alternating SAT & ACT sections
201 Questions and Explanations

Detailed Analytics Report

Identifies student’s preferred test
Highlights problem areas or topics
Report available online

SAT & ACT Tip Sheet

Strategies for each section of the two tests
Provides 30+ Facts, Formulas, & Concepts students must know in order to succeed

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