Four Easy Steps To Receive Your Results

After Your Purchase The SAT/ACT Diagnostic

  1. Download and print the test booklet
  2. Take the test using paper and pencil under simulated time condition
  3. Click on the link (you will get within 24 hours via email) and submit your response
  4. Download the report and the comparison

Taking the SAT/ACT Diagnostic

in Greater Detail

After you’ve purchased the exam, you will receive a download link to The SAT/ACT Diagnostic. We recommend you set a three-hour block (ideally on a day where school is not in session, so the student is not mentally fatigued beforehand) to sit down and take the exam. Students should treat the exam just like the SAT or ACT- with a timer, in a relatively quiet room where they are free to work.

Be sure to read the exam directions CAREFULLY. Some of the directions are counterintuitive - things differ on the ACT and the SAT, and our exam is designed to mimic these differences. DO NOT exceed the time allotted, as this may cause an inaccurate result.

Included in the download exam are bubble sheets. We recommend that a student use these bubble sheets when they take the exam in order to emulate the actual testing experience. Make sure to hold on to these so you can transcribe your answers later.

Once the exam is complete, the student will have received a link in by EMail (within 24 hours after purchase) to an online bubble sheet where he or she can download the test booklet and enter or transcribe the test results. Immediately upon entering the results, the student will receive the 9-page report detailing his or her test results. At this point, students may call the tutoring company that administered the test to arrange a time to review the results or to arrange SAT or ACT prep.