Overview of The Shortened SAT/ACT Diagnostic

Composition of the Shortened SAT/ACT Diagnostic (Version 2.4s)

The SAT/ACT Diagnostic consists of eight sections - the three sections on the SAT, plus the four sections on the ACT, excluding the essay. Each section is between 18 and 38 minutes long, and contains the number of questions and sections needed to simulate the pace required on each exam. The student will be tasked with completing 196 exercises in all.

SAT Sections ACT Sections
Section Questions Minutes Questions Minutes
English/Language/Grammar 22 18 39 24
Mathematics (TOTAL) 31 43 30 30
Mathematics w/ Calculator 20 29 30 30
Mathematics No Calculator 11 14 N/A N/A
Reading 30 38 20 18
Science N/A N/A 24 21
Totals 83 99 113 93

Further Detail

  • Essays are not included on the SAT/ACT Diagnostic.
  • Specifications are subject to change.
  • Please remember: The SAT/ACT Diagnostic is designed to help students determine whether they’re better at the ACT or the SAT. It is not designed to generate precise scores that predict how they will do on the actual SAT or ACT. The generated comparison scores reflect how a student did on the diagnostic the day that he or she took the diagnostic.