Taking The SAT/ACT Diagnostic

Getting Started

  1. Create the appropriate account -- student or consultant -- on the main site here
  2. Purchase the exam. Note that bulk options are available for consultants
  3. Students can find instructions on how to take the exam below. For consultant instructions, please visit our consultant resource site here
  4. Once an exam is completed, results are immediately accessible for review within your account

How to Take the Exam Online

  1. In your student account (once you've purchased an exam), click "Begin Section" to start
  2. Select the "Take the test online" option on the following screen

  3. Complete the entire test in one sitting (~3hrs). Common student FAQs are available here
  4. Once finished, click "View Report" to view your results

How to Take the Exam on Paper

  1. In your student account, click the "Download PDF" link and print the document (84 pages – designed to be printed 2-sided)


  2. You have two options for bubblesheets: a paper bubblesheet that is included in the PDF document, or the online bubblesheet that can be accessed by clicking "Begin Section" and then selecting the "I have a physical copy of the exam, take me to the online bubble sheet" option on the following screen


  3. If you take the exam on paper, you will need to transfer your answers onto the online bubblesheet using the directions above. Once you finish the final section, your report will be accessible in your report

*if you take the test on paper and use the online bubblesheet, we strongly suggest you circle your answers on paper so you have a record of your results in the case of technical or user error.

In Greater Detail

We recommend you set a three-hour block (ideally on a day where school is not in session, so the student is not mentally fatigued beforehand) to sit down and take the exam. Students should treat the exam just like the SAT or ACT- with a timer, in a relatively quiet room where they are free to work.

Be sure to read the exam directions CAREFULLY. DO NOT exceed the time allotted, as this may cause an inaccurate result.