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The SAT/ACT Diagnostic is an exam that is divided into both SAT (either current or redesigned) and ACT sections. After a student completes the exam (and fills out the bubblesheets), he/she will receive a recommendation and a detailed breakdown of his/her results. The exam is approximately three hours for the version that compares the current SAT, and approximately four for the version that compares the redesigned SAT.

We are College Planning Partnerships, a test-prep group from Connecticut that has been in existence since 2003. We released the beta version of the SAT/ACT Diagnostic in 2007 and Version 1 of the exam in 2009.

The exam was designed by four SAT/ACT tutors who have tutored students for over three thousand hours each.

Time is a limited resource! Too many students prepare for and take both the SAT and the ACT exams. The SAT/ACT Diagnostic identifies whether you are stronger on the SAT, the ACT, or neither, saving half of your preparation time.

While we cannot guarantee that admissions departments will give both exams equal consideration, we have yet to discover an admissions department that doesn’t. (In other words – as far as we know, they all will accept both without preference!) If you are concerned about a specific school, consider contacting their Admissions Department.

As of 2012, 1.666 million students took the ACT and 1.664 million students took the SAT.

Yes! We based our exam and curves off retired exams. All of the problems are representations of problems that have occurred on real previous exams. The test is a good predictor of future success on the SAT or ACT exam. We cannot, however, promise that the results won’t be close. Some students have no clear preference for one exam over the other. Others get lucky or unlucky by randomly guessing at the end of a section.

Yes – we offer bulk discounts. You can also brand the SAT/ACT Diagnostic with your logo. See here for information.

Generally, it takes about three to five business days from order to delivery. However, branded booklets are a longer process, since we must create the booklet and our printer must print them before we can get them to your door! You can contact us anytime if you have any questions about the status of your order.

Yes, you can purchase the SAT/ACT Diagnostic on amazon.com. Please be sure that you are purchasing it from this page.

Please see our help section to see if that answers your question. If it does not, you can contact us, email diagnostic@satprepct.com, or call 860-664-9857.


Instructions are included on pages 3-4 of the exam booklet.

Answers can be found on the Socrato! report generated after the online bubblesheet is filled in. Solutions, however, are also included in the exam booklet.

  • Students with 150% or 200% time can find modified instructions here.
  • Students with other modifications should contact us.

Unless a student has accommodations that will allow for this on the real exam, we do not recommend this. Exam conditions should mimic real SAT or ACT conditions as much as possible, including fatigue.

If you ordered a digital version of the exam, please note that it may take up to 24 hours to deliver to your inbox. If you ordered booklets, it may take three to five business days.

You can contact us anytime if you have any questions about the status of your order.

Please note that Socrato! assignments only are active for 90 days from the date of. If 90 days has expired, please contact us (http://www.satactdiagnostic.com/contact/). It may take up to 24 hours for the socrato! Assignment to arrive in your inbox.

Generally, the easiest way to schedule an Omni Plan consultation is to email diagnostic@satprepct.com with the student’s name in the subject line and a few one-hour blocks that the student can meet.

Please contact us, email diagnostic@satprepct.com, or call 860-664-9857 for assistance.