Paper Test and Paper Bubblesheet

Slide Make sure you have clicked "Students" at the top of the page, then add the student by clicking the green "Add a Student" button in the bottom left.

Enter the student's email and full name, and an email will be sent to that student with login information.
Select that student from your list.

Select the test they have completed from the dropdown and click “Assign Test”.

An email with the assignment instructing them to log in and complete the test is sent to the student.
The assigned test is now in the student account. When they log in, they can begin entering their results.

In order to use the online bubblesheet, the student should select that option when prompted.
Once finished, students can access their results immediately.

You will be notified via email that the student has completed that exam, and you can then view and print the student's results from your account.
First, your student should complete the SAT/ACT Diagnostic on paper and fill in their answers on the provided bubblesheet.

Students can do this at your office or at home, but you must have their bubblesheet (in-person, via email, fax, etc.) before you can proceed.