Purchasing/Branding the Diagnostic

All purchasing of the diagnostic is now done through our new web application. Once you create a new account here, you will be instantly greeted with a purchase form where you can enter credit card information. Be sure to choose the correct login: student or consultant.


For students or parents buying individual exams, the exam will now be available through the online testing environment or by PDF download (depending on the exam).


Consultants wishing to bulk order many diagnostics can do so through the "Purchase" tab in the top right. The tiered pricing shown is the total for that quantity, so $220 for 10 diagnostics means you are paying $22 for each diagnostic. After purchase, those credits will instantly be added to your account and will be shown in the same tab above the purchase form under "Available Tests."

Purchase tab


The new diagnostic report is branded with the CPP logo by default, but will change to a consultant logo once one is uploaded through your profile page.

To brand the diagnostic PDF itself, please call our office (860-664-9857) to discuss yearly branding fees. This fee covers branding of the diagnostic for a whole year, which includes any updates to the exam (planned for one update per year). Once branded, we can either print the books through our printer and charge you for the printing/shipping, or you can handle printing on your own. Additionally, the "Download PDF" link that students see will be linked to your specific PDF file, instead of the CPP-branded file.